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LiSN & Learn
Product: LiSN & Learn
Code: P5042
Price: AUD 490.00
NOTE:  This version of LiSN & Learn is not compatible with Windows 8 and above.

The LiSN & Learn auditory training software has been designed to train children who are experiencing listening difficulties in the classroom to suppress background noise and attend to target speech signals. It produces a three-dimensional auditory environment under headphones on the user's home computer. The specific headphones (Senheiser HD215) to be used with the software are included in the package. The LiSN & Learn software is designed to be used by one person only due to the scoring system that is used.

orders of more than one copy as per rates below:

Number of Copies Price/unit (Including GST) For overseas orders only
Price/Unit (excluding GST)
2-5 391 364.1
6-10 372 346.8
11-20 352 328.6
21-49 332 310.5
>50 312 292.3

Add postage $30/unit

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