Speech and Noise CDs for Hearing Aid Evaluation

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In most cases the stimuli were prepared by NAL during the 1990s for use in various research studies. The main purpose of compiling this series was to gather various test stimuli and make them easily available for future research studies. The material is also likely to be useful for the clinical evaluation of hearing problems and hearing aid fitting. The material collected on the three CDs include BKB lists, VCV lists, SPIN lists, continuous discourse spoken by a variety of talkers (including a child talker) and a great range of background noises. All speech material are recorded using Australian talkers, and in most cases the speech is filtered to match the International Long-term Average Speech Spectrum (Byrne et al. JASA 1994, 96:2108-2120). Normative data and other Information about the BKB lists and SPIN lists are found in Bench J and Bamford JM (Eds) 1979. Speech Hearing Tests and the Spoken Language of Hearing-impaired Children. Academic Press, London and New York, and in Kalikow DN, Stevens KN, and Elliott LL. JASA 1977, 61: 1337-1351, respectively.

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