Manual of Speech Perception (2001)

Manual of Speech Perception (2001)

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The manual is divided into two major sections.

Section A includes information on:

  • history of the development of speech tests,
  • reliability, sensitivity and validity,
  • clinical uses of speech audiometry test materials,
  • assessment of speech perception in noise
  • use of masking in speech assessment.

Section B contains test materials appropriate to both the adult and paediatric populations. These are categorised according to whether they are aimed at evaluating detection level ability, syllable, phoneme, word or sentence perception. The tests included are the most frequently used tests in Australian Hearing clinics. This section starts with a Summary Table of each of the eighteen tests of speech perception included within the manual. This is designed to give a useful overview of the key features (eg. target hearing-impaired group, clinical application) of each of the tests and thereby assist the Audiologist in choosing the appropriate speech perception test/s for the individual client and specific clinical situation.

Each part of Section B is arranged in the same way providing information on:

  • clinical application of the individual test,
  • test materials,
  • test instructions and administration,
  • scoring and interpreting the results obtained.

It is recommended that two CD packs, available through NAL Research, be used in conjunction with this manual. These are:

  1. Speech Recognition Materials CD - produced by NAL, 1990.
  2. Speech and Noise CDs for Hearing Aid Evaluation - compiled by NAL, 2000.


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